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The World Airline Hobby Club was formed in Kentucky, USA in early 1977 by the late Paul Collins founder and self-appointed president of the World Airline Hobby Club, decided to have a little get-together. A loosely organized fraternity of airline and airliner enthusiasts, the two-year-old club was informally held together by its quarterly journal, THE CAPTAINS LOG.

The Club has grown too, and has been renamed the World Airline Historical Society, more closely recognizing its purpose. THE CAPTAINS LOG is a wealth of information on the history of commercial aviation, with columns, articles, and research projects plus a wants and disposal section for trading among members.

The W.A. branch of the World Airline Hobby Club was formed in September 1982, the first meeting hosted in October 1982, and was dissolved in November 1983.

The ‘Airline Hobby Club of Australia’ was formed in December 1983, operated for two years until December 1985.

In January 1986, by majority vote, the membership decided to change our name to Aircraft Enthusiasts Group WA, most members feel this title best reflects our current diversified membership and present status of the group.

AEGWA produced a magazine for members called ‘Air Lines’ which run from 1983 to 1990, and was re-named ‘Rotate’ which operated from January 1991 until April 2004.

AEGWA is Australia’s second oldest aircraft enthusiasts group, second only to The West Beach Aviation Group of Adelaide, founded by Mr Nigel Daw.